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Applying and registering patent and trademark in China is just the first step and good start to secure your business in China, while to protect your registered patents and trademarks from being infringed and counterfeited is even more important after your registration so as to achieve your final success in China. Nowadays, IP related disputes are increasingly happening in China. Sometimes, IP litigation cannot be avoided or the respective disputes cannot be otherwise resolved. To satisfy our clients’ need to enforce their registered trademarks and patents in China, our experienced litig-ators form

our IP Disputes Resolution Practice always stand ready to represent our clients in any legal proceedings.Our IP litigators often represent our domestic and foreign clients in various civil and administrative litigations arising from patent or trademark infringement or disputes before all Chinese people’s courts and in all other IP administrative enforcement proceedings before all the Chinese governmental authorities for raiding counterfeits. Our IP litigators also send formal attorney’s warning letter to the infringers and often negotiate with them for compensation on our client’s behalf.

The specific services offered by our IP Disputes Resolution Practice include but not limit to

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For any inquiries on your IP disputes resolution in China, please kindly contact our IP Disputes Resolution Practice at Thanks.