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Approved and registered with authorities in China and Hong Kong, China Sunbow is a domestically and internationally recognized rising star of IP boutique law firm exclusively specializing in consultation, application, prosecution and enforcement of various patents (inventions and utility models), designs, trademarks and copyrights mainly in mainland China and Hong Kong, and also coordinate in obtaining the same worldwide through our local associates for our domestic and foreign clients.

Thanks to our clients’ continuous confidence and supports to us from 2004 and our excellent representation, China Sunbow is on its way to becoming one of the Chinese IP market leaders, which is evidenced by some famous international legal medias, such as the Global Law Experts, the Lawyer Monthly, the Corporate INTL, the Acquisition International, the Finance Monthly, etc. which have ranked China Sunbow, consecutively from 2012, as the “Chinese Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year”, the “Chinese Trademark Attorneys of the Year”, the “Rising Star in Chinese IP Law”, etc. in their global anonymous surveys to our clients and associates.

Our experienced professionals, including patent attorneys, trademark attorneys and attorneys-at-law as well as highly trained engineers routinely work together to counsel and safeguard our clients’ IP rights from patent, trademark and copyright registration to dispute resolution and litigation. Most of our attorneys graduated from top-tier Chinese universities with Doctor or Master agree in science, technology and law and have practiced IP laws with top-tier Chinese and international IP agencies and law firms for more than ten years significantly focusing on patent and trademark application and prosecution. Some of our attorneys were even once examiners of the Chinese patent and trademark office, so they know the Chinese patent and trademark application and prosecution practice very well, while some are both attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys or trademark attorneys, so they counsel and safeguard our clients’ IP rights in China from all-round legal aspects. The technical backgrounds of our patent attorneys and engineers cover all mechanical, electronica, chemical and biological, computer, semi-conductor, telecommunication, automation, material sciences and other technical fields.

To satisfy our clients’ multi-jurisdictional needs for patent and trademark filings worldwide, we have also developed and maintained an extensive and high-quality cooperative network with several hundreds of foreign IP agencies, international law firms and other professional firms from more than 100 countries and regions and such network is still expanding. Through such global networks, we have been helping our domestic and foreign clients to file thousands of patent and trademark applications in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau as well as worldwide through our local associates each year. The firm and our attorneys are also actively interconnected with major international IP associations, such as the International Trademark Association (INTA) and the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (“AIPPI”), etc. as to keep our international practice.

We have diverse clientele ranging from Fortune 500 companies, middle and small sized entities and individuals from China, Hong Kong and also from Europe, America and Asia Pacific who periodically register and protect their patents and trademarks in China, Hong Kong and worldwide. We attach an equal importance to each client no matter they are large or small and we are committed to provide unparalleled IP services to our domestic and foreign clients based on our founding principles of “high efficiency and quality, cost-effective, vision and double wins between client and us”.

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